Takato Yamamoto Necrophantasmagoria

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This edition will not be restocked because it was reprinted in a new EXPANDED edition: VANITAS.

New book is a special treat for those who love Takato Yamamoto's art. Each completed painting also has the original underdrawing reproduced along with a description of the work in Japanese and English.

Contains 16 underdrawings of new paintings, 21 full color new paintings, 5 underdrawings of earlier paintings, 6 full color earlier paintings, and one monochrome new drawing.

Complete list of artwork in Necrophantasmagoria.

山本タカト - ネクロファンタスマゴリア

# of Pages:96
Size:8.375" x 11.75" x .5"
21.3 x 30 x 1.3cm
Paper dust jacket
Date Printed:2012
Where Printed:Japan
Publisher:Pan Exotica