Suehiro Maruo New Century SM Pictorial SIGNED

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Brand new second edition is filled with the artwork of Suehiro Maruo. Not only are there full color reproductions, there are also full page close-up detail shots so you can see the quality and detail of his art. Artwork from CD Jackets, posters, and book covers are the main focus. Includes a 17 page black, white, and red manga; full color and monochrome illustrations; photos of Maruo, his workspace and inspirations; and a few articles. All text is in Japanese.

Additional photos can be seen in first edition.

SIGNED inside the front cover in silver ink (photo upon request).

Chapter 1 - "All-Natural Color" Underground's Beautiful Flesh (第一章 「総天然色」 地底の美肉)
Manga - The Abyss of Insensitive Kasane (漫画 無神経かさねが渕)
Original Vision --- Suehiro Maruo's Collection of Works (視覚の原風---丸尾末廣の蒐集物)
Chapter 2 - Trembling Pen (第二章 震えるペン)
Backstage --- Production Note (楽屋裏---創作ノート)
Special Conversation: Jiro Kuwata vs. Suehiro Maruo (スペシャル対談 桑田二郎VS丸尾末廣)
Who Else Passed Through Hell So Quickly!! Guest/Hirai Kazumasa, Masaru Uchida (誰よりも速く、地獄をくぐり抜けた!!ゲスト/平井和正、内田勝)
Suehiro Maruo Loves Movies More Than Anything (何よりも映画を愛す 丸尾末廣)
Chapter 3 - Otherworldly Flowers (第三章 あの世の花)
List of Suehiro Maruo Titles (丸尾末廣作品リスト)
Postscript to Art Book by Katsuhiko Takahashi (画集によせて 高橋克彦)

丸尾末広 新世紀SM画報

# of Pages:128
Size:8.675" x 12" x .675"
22 x 30.6 x 1.7cm
Paper dust jacket + obi
Date Printed:2012
Where Printed:Japan