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Aug 7, 2012

Use coupon code POSTER20 during checkout to receive 20% off of any of the posters listed below. Coupon is good through August 31, 2012.

Takato Yamamoto Fermentation of a Hermaphrodite Poster SIGNEDTakato Yamamoto Twin Roses Poster SIGNEDTakato Yamamoto Transformation of a Sanctuary Poster SIGNEDTakato Yamamoto Strigoica III Poster SIGNED
Takato Yamamoto
Fermentation of a Hermaphrodite
Takato Yamamoto
Twin Roses

Takato Yamamoto
Transformation of a Sanctuary

Takato Yamamoto
Strigoica III
Hikari Shimoda Funeral Poster SIGNEDHikari Shimoda Power Line & Rabbit Poster SIGNEDTama Honey Trick Poster SIGNEDTama Maidenhood Poster SIGNED
Hikari Shimoda
Hikari Shimoda
Power Line & Rabbit
Honey Trick
Tama Disregarded Warning Poster SIGNEDTama Servants for Me Poster SIGNEDTama Your Aid Poster SIGNEDTrevor Brown Toy Box Poster SIGNED
Disregarded Warning
Servants for Me
Your Aid
Trevor Brown
Toy Box

All of the posters are signed and some of them are limited, numbered editions. Click the poster links above to see more details on each poster.

Aug 6, 2012

A new artist to AkaTako: JUN HAYAMI. Known for his fearless explorations of horror manga, he is not afraid to cross any lines. This original drawing will be followed by some additional Jun Hayami items too!

Jun Hayami Original Drawing 1Jun Hayami Original Drawing 1 (detail)

Drawing is pen and ink on heavyweight paper.

Aug 1, 2012

Sold out on AkaTako for a while, two popular Takato Yamamoto books have been reprinted! "Rib of a Hermaphrodite" and "Scarlet Maniera" are back in stock and ready to be ordered and enjoyed.

Takato Yamamoto Rib of a Hermaphrodite SIGNEDTakato Yamamoto Rib of a Hermaphrodite SIGNEDTakato Yamamoto Scarlet Maniera SIGNEDTakato Yamamoto Scarlet Maniera SIGNED
Rib of a HermaphroditeRib of a HermaphroditeScarlet ManieraScarlet Maniera

Each book is SIGNED inside the front cover. Click the pics above fore more photos and more details.

Jul 26, 2012

A lovely little 'zine featuring five artists: Philip Best, Trevor Brown, Sarah Froelich, Gea, and JG Thirlwell. All pages are silkscreened and super heavy weight paper. Limited edition of only 125 pieces!

Curated by Timeless 03 - GeaCurated by Timeless 03 - Sarah FroelichCurated by Timeless 03 - Trevor Brown
Curated by Timeless
Curated by Timeless
Sarah Froelich

Curated by Timeless
Trevor Brown

Jun 28, 2012

Four brand new original paintings by Tama are available now. Each measures 9.25" x 11.75" (23.6 x 29.7cm), watercolor on board. Price is $1500 each (free shipping worldwide!). Email if you are interested.

"Crack Baby""Sweet Nutrient"
Tama New Original Paintings
"Poisonous Angel 1""Poisonous Angel 2"

Jun 25, 2012

The extended edition of the "Becoming Friends with All the Children of the World" includes a few additional artworks and is SIGNED inside the front cover. A really lovely hardcover edition with two dust jackets that overlay to give insight into Fuyuko Matsui's painting process (first photo). Also includes photos from the exhibition and a few stills from a film by Fuyuko Matsui "Regeneration of a Breached Thought".

Fuyuko Matsui Becoming Friends Extended SIGNEDFuyuko Matsui Becoming Friends Extended SIGNEDFuyuko Matsui Becoming Friends Extended SIGNEDFuyuko Matsui Becoming Friends Extended SIGNED

The catalog is also available in an unsigned softcover edition.

Jun 5, 2012

Making his first appearance on AkaTako is Osaka artist Namio Harukawa. I had never seen original drawings for sale so I am very pleased to be able to offer TWENTY TWO original artworks. Each is signed and includes a certificate of authenticity.

Namio Harukawa Drawing A-01Namio Harukawa Drawing A-02Namio Harukawa Drawing A-03Namio Harukawa Drawing A-04Namio Harukawa Drawing B-01
Namio Harukawa Drawing B-02Namio Harukawa Drawing B-03Namio Harukawa Drawing B-04Namio Harukawa Drawing C-01Namio Harukawa Drawing C-02
Namio Harukawa Drawing C-03Namio Harukawa Drawing C-04Namio Harukawa Drawing D-01Namio Harukawa Drawing D-02Namio Harukawa Drawing D-03
Namio Harukawa Drawing D-04Namio Harukawa Drawing E-01Namio Harukawa Drawing E-02Namio Harukawa Drawing E-03Namio Harukawa Drawing E-04
Namio Harukawa Drawing F-01Namio Harukawa Drawing G-01   

Namio Harukawa's drawings are pencil on paper, unframed.

May 24, 2012

Not only are there a couple of signed copies of Trevor Brown's "Medical Fun" available, there are now TWO framed original paintings from the book at ridiculously low prices.

Trevor Brown Pill Baby paintingTrevor Brown Pill Baby paintingTrevor Brown Worm Boy paintingTrevor Brown Worm Boy painting
Trevor Brown "Pill Baby"
original painting
Trevor Brown "Pill Baby"
original painting
Trevor Brown "Worm Boy"
original painting
Trevor Brown "Worm Boy"
original painting

Click the pictures for additional photos & details and to send an inquiry to receive a custom shipping quote.