Rare Books by Suehiro Maruo and Toshio Saeki

Just in, several rare books by these two great Japanese artists. This is the first time any of these books has made an appearance on AkaTako. They were found after long searches and some earnest help from Japanese friends.

Suehiro Maruo's books:

Suehiro Maruo New Century SM PictorialSuehiro Maruo Maruo Jigoku IISuehiro Maruo Paranoia Star
New Century SM PictorialMaruo Jigoku IIParanoia Star

Toshio Saeki's books:

Toshio Saeki The Earliest Works SIGNEDToshio Saeki The Early WorksToshio Saeki Chimushi 1Toshio Saeki Chimushi 2
The Earliest WorksThe Early WorksChimushi 1Chimushi 2

Once they are sold out I will certainly try to get them again but it is definitely not guaranteed.

I also managed to find a SIGNED first edition copy of Trevor Brown's Forbidden Fruit.