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Five New Talking Heads Magazines

Just arrived to AkaTako are five new issues of Talking Heads magazine. Each one is focused on a specific theme and is full of photos and text in Japanese. Features on great artists like Tama, Hikari Shimoda, Kenny Horie, Kenichi Koyama, Atshushi Tani, Mari Shimizu and a whole lot more!

Talking Heads No. 48 Food and ErosTalking Heads No. 49 Strange SystemTalking Heads No. 50 The Body as Art ObjectTalking Heads No. 51 Magical ImaginationTalking Heads No. 52 Child's Heart
Talking Heads No. 48
Food and Eros
Talking Heads No. 49
Strange System
Talking Heads No. 50
The Body as Art Object
Talking Heads No. 51
Magical Imagination
Talking Heads No. 52
Child's Heart

Click the links above for additional photos of the inside pages.