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Bunch of Books Back in Stock

SO many titles are back in stock! Most everything is pretty limited quantity so don't wait too long before you snatch up a copy for yourself. Complete list of restocked items:

Fuco Ueda - Lucid Dream (regular edition)
Kuniyoshi Kaneko - Drink Me, Eat Me (signed)
Namio Harukawa - Glories Huge Hips (signed)
Namio Harukawa - My Fair Fat Lady Vol 1 (signed)
Namio Harukawa - My Fair Fat Lady Vol 2 (signed)
NORI Tomizaki - Girl from the Ghosts's Box (signed)
Suehiro Maruo - New National Kid (signed)
Suehiro Maruo - Maruo Jigoku 1 (signed)
Toshio Saeki - 70 1970 (signed)
Toshio Saeki - Chimushi 1 (signed)
Toshio Saeki - Chimushi 2 (signed)
Toshio Saeki - Gokurakujou (signed)
Toshio Saeki - The Early Works (signed)
Toshio Saeki - Yume Manji (signed)
Trevor Brown - Forbidden Fruit 1st Edition (signed)
Trevor Brown - Forbidden Fruit (signed)
New shipment of books

And there's a few brand new books that will be added within the next few days!