AkaTako Licensed Silk Scarf Collection

Very pleased to offer for PRE-ORDER eleven different official, licensed artist collaboration scarves! 100% silk 14mm twill, dry clean only, with a hand-rolled hem. They measure about 34.25" x 34.25" (87x87cm) - this may vary a little due to the hand finishing.

[NOW IN STOCK!!] The PRE-ORDER period closed on May 22 and manufacturing has begun. Orders are expected to begin shipping around JUNE 16. I will post regular updates at the bottom of this page!

Chika Yamada Licensed Silk Scarf
Chika Yamada
licensed silk scarf
Daisuke Ichiba Licensed Silk Scarf
Daisuke Ichiba
licensed silk scarf
Em Nishizuka Licensed Silk Scarf
Em Nishizuka
licensed silk scarf
Kana Miyamoto Licensed Silk Scarf
Kana Miyamoto
licensed silk scarf
Makiko Sugawa Licensed Silk Scarf
Makiko Sugawa
licensed silk scarf
Mika Nitta Licensed Silk Scarf
Mika Nitta
licensed silk scarf
Shintaro Kago Licensed Silk Scarf
Shintaro Kago
licensed silk scarf
Suehiro Maruo Licensed Silk Scarf
Suehiro Maruo
licensed silk scarf
Takato Yamamoto Licensed Silk Scarf
Takato Yamamoto
licensed silk scarf
Tama Licensed Silk Scarf
licensed silk scarf
Yuka Sakuma Licensed Silk Scarf
Yuka Sakuma
licensed silk scarf

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May 22
- pre-order period has closed and the final quantity of each scarf has been determined. Order was placed with the manufacturer.
June 12 - Shintaro Kago, Takato Yamamoto, Suehiro Maruo scarves are completed and will ship to AkaTako in 1-2 days.
June 14 - First box (Kago, Yamamoto, Maruo) has shipped to AkaTako USA.
June 16 - Second box (everyone else!) has shipped to AkaTako USA.
June 20 - Second box (all except Kago, Yamamoto, Maruo) has arrived to AkaTako USA.
June 21 - First box (Kago, Yamamoto, Maruo) SCHEDULED to arrive to AkaTako USA.
June 22 - USA has shipped a bunch of the pre-orders, all orders should be done by end of this week!
June 29 - Scarves arrived to EU and all pre-orders are shipped!