AkaTako Licensed Ema Collection

Special licensed collaboration project with fourteen different artists is now available for PRE-ORDER! Solid spruce ema is printed with two images by each artist (28 different ema to choose from!). Expected to arrive mid to late November. Full details at each item's description.
** IN STOCK at both USA & EU locations. All pre-orders have shipped!!

Ema wooden plaque is traditionally used to write a wish or prayer (on the reverse) and tied at a Shinto shrine in the hopes that the local gods will see your request. Also used as a souvenir to hang on your wall as a mini artwork, a Christmas ornament, Christmas stocking replacement, front door decoration, etc.

Akiko Ijichi ema:
Akiko Ijichi Ema Wish Plaque
Chika Tanikawa ema:
Chika Tanikawa Ema Wish Plaque
Chika Yamada ema:
Chika Yamada Ema Wish Plaque
Daisuke Ichiba ema:
Daisuke Ichiba Ema Wish Plaque
Eimi Suzuki ema:
Eimi Suzuki Ema Wish Plaque
Em Nishizuka ema:
Em Nishizuka Ema Wish Plaque
Kana Miyamoto ema:
Kana Miyamoto Ema Wish Plaque
Kozue Kuroki ema:
Kozue Kuroki Ema Wish Plaque
Makiko Sugawa ema:
Makiko Sugawa Ema Wish Plaque
Mika Nitta ema:
Mika Nitta Ema Wish Plaque
Suehiro Maruo ema:
Suehiro Maruo Ema Wish Plaque
Takato Yamamoto ema:
Takato Yamamoto Ema Wish Plaque
Tama ema:
Tama Ema Wish Plaque
Yuka Sakuma ema:
Yuka Sakuma Ema Wish Plaque