Hajime Kinoko Perfect Red SIGNED

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Hajime Kinoko's 2016 book "Red" made a big impact on the world of shibari with his high contrast red rope work and sold out very quickly. "Perfect Red" expands on the original content of "Red" and almost doubles in size with the addition of new works.

"The theme of Red series is 'connection'. When tying someone, it's not about capturing or tying that person. ... To me it feels like I am tying myself with the model like strings connecting two paper cups to make a paper toy telephone. ... This series expresses mothers, ancestors, nature, peers, DNA, the future, connections between hearts, inspiration, and other things. People are not alone. Everyone is connected to someone. ..." (Excerpt from text printed in book by Hajime Kinoko.)

SIGNED inside the front cover.

一鬼のこ 『Perfect Red』

Signed: Yes
# of Pages: 212
Size: 8.35" x 11.75" x .63"
21.2 x 29.9 x 1.6cm
Binding: Softcover
Edition: First
Date Printed: 2018
Where Printed: Japan