Fuco Ueda Shadow Chaser's Street

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Japanese novel by Sakurako Takeyachi featuring artwork by Fuco Ueda titled "Shadow Chaser's Street" (Kage oi no machi). There are approx. 100 pages in the book - most of which are text written in Japanese. There are about 7 color prints in the book and 5 black and white.

The dust jacket of the book is a translucent white paper with the title and other text printed on it (appears to float off the actual cover with the same printing below it).

上田風子 竹谷内桜子 - 影追いの街

Signed: No
# of Pages: 100
Size: 5" x 7.25" x .5"
12.8 x 18.3 x 1.1cm
Binding: Softcover
Paper dust jacket
Edition: First
Date Printed: 2007
Where Printed: Japan