Daisuke Ichiba Silk Scarf

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Special collaboration between Daisuke Ichiba and AkaTako.net ! 100% silk art scarf of one of Daisuke Ichiba's artworks + trademark nonsense texts. An odd group of people including a girl, man in polka-dot suit, nude woman, big cat, samurai, and nightmare multi-eyed schoolgirl all sit at a round table with an old computer, sake, a bowl of ramen, and pudding.

Scarf can be used as a neck scarf, head wrap, wall hanging, tablecloth, etc. Not suited for prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

100% silk - 14mm twill with hand-rolled hem.
Scarf measures approximately 34.25" x 34.25" (87x87cm).
Made in China.

市場大介 絹のスカーフ