Daisuke Ichiba Badaism


Daisuke Ichiba's special brand of chaos erupts on every page. Bizarre sketches mix with collages of photos, magazine clippings, and handwritten leaflets - all woven into a disorderly world of chaos. First eight pages are color, remaining are black and white.

Book obi has several endorsements (in Japanese) including:
"Prenatal care is good, emotional instability is good, idiot check is good; please, have a copy of this book in your home." -Jun Hayami
"Wow! What! What is this?" -Yoshikazu Ebisu
"Haa Haa Haa." -Lucky (Shiba Inu pet dog at Seirinkogeisha)


Signed: No
# of Pages: 136
Size: 6" x 8.375" x .55"
15.5 x 21.4 x 1.4cm
Binding: Hardcover + obi
Edition: First
Date Printed: 2013
Where Printed: Japan
Publisher: Atelier Third