Will I be charged VAT or import tax on my purchase?

Shipments originate from New York, USA. Any shipments going to a U.S. address will not be charged VAT/import tax. It is likely that shipments to Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America will be charged an import tax. AkaTako does NOT pay the VAT/import taxes for you. It is up to you to know your laws and to pay the fees.

Because the VAT/import taxes vary for each country, please search for your country to find out if you may be charged. Some countries do not charge for items under $30 while some place the limit at $100. Some countries charge smaller percentages, etc.

In general, AkaTako will provide invoices on the outside of the package for "Priority Mail" shipments or purchases over $100. If you require invoices please request them in the "Order comments" section.