NEW Chika Yamada Original Paintings

Twelve new original paintings by Chika Yamada are now available at akatako! Mostly from 2020, with a few earlier paintings from as early as 2017. Shipping direct from Tokyo to you.

Chika Yamada Flower Blooming in Dreams Painting
Flower Blooming in Dreams

Chika Yamada Combat Class Painting
Combat Class

Chika Yamada Living Painting

Chika Yamada Full Red Painting
Full Red

Chika Yamada Together With You Painting
Together With You

Chika Yamada Commonplace Paradise Painting
Commonplace Paradise

Chika Yamada Blue Melting Painting
Blue Melting

Chika Yamada Safe Breathing Painting
Safe Breathing

Chika Yamada Show Your Face Painting
Show Your Face
Chika Yamada Our Madness Painting
Our Madness
Chika Yamada Blue Explosion and Mediocre Everyday Painting
Blue Explosion and Mediocre Everyday
Chika Yamada Melts in the Wind Painting
Melts in the Wind

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