Namio Harukawa Has Passed Away

Very sad news was recently reported that the artist Namio Harukawa 春川ナミオ passed away on April 24, 2020. He was with his family in Osaka and passed after a battle with illness.

Born in Osaka during the month of May 1947, Namio Harukawa is a pen name now synonymous with dominant, ample women and the men who love to submit to their every need. Harukawa-san first became enamored with voluptuous women in elementary school at the sight of a tall teacher who "always wore slacks that fit perfectly" and her plump buttocks as she walked down the hallway. (His drawing of her is pictured to the right as printed in his recent book "The Incredible Femdom Art of Namio Harukawa".)

During his approximate 60 year career, Harukawa-san regularly contributed drawings to various monthly SM magazines. The format required was always the same - four drawings of A4 size - which explains why there is often a small group with a particular theme or character.

AkaTako began selling Namio Harukawa originals in early 2012. Prior to this, there had not been much demand for his original works and he believed he was mostly a fringe, fetish artist who would not be widely known. Years later, his popularity had exploded with two monographs released and coinciding solo exhibitions in Tokyo at Vanilla Gallery. His passing is a great loss to the art world.

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