Lots of New Tama Items!

Now available, lots of new pins, stickers, postcards, and a 2019 calendar featuring The cute and sometimes twisted watercolor art of Tama.

Large Buttons      
Tama End of the World x-large pin Tama Hidden Ruler x-large pin Tama Into the Abyss x-large pin Tama Lager x-large pin
Tama Lidocaine Drop x-large pin Tama Nothing But Sadness x-large pin Tama Secret Mode x-large pin Tama x-large pin
Small Buttons    
Tama Don't Miss the Season pin Tama Fragile Heart pin Tama Melty Lolita pin Tama Misfortune Isn't So Bad pin
Tama Please Choose Me pin Tama Rosy Noon pin Tama Seeing Is Believing pin  
Tama Postcard Group 1 Tama Postcard Group 2 Tama Postcard Group 3
Single Stickers    
Tama Single Sticker Group 1 Tama Single Sticker Group 2 Tama Single Sticker Group 3 Tama Single Sticker Group 4
Sticker Sets      
Tama Sticker Set Group 1 Tama Sticker Set Group 2 Tama Sticker Set Group 3 Tama Sticker Set Group 4 Tama Sticker Set Group 5

Tama 2019 Calendar
Tama 2019 Calendar