Four New Posters Arriving Soon!

Available for pre-order now and arriving to USA later this week, two SIGNED posters each by Suehiro Maruo and Takato Yamamoto!
(Posters have arrived to USA and are all in stock now.)

Suehiro Maruo Poster Imo Mushi SIGNED
Suehiro Maruo poster
Imo Mushi
Takato Yamamoto Poster Circle SIGNED
Takato Yamamoto poster
Suehiro Maruo Poster Rampo Panorama SIGNED
Suehiro Maruo poster
Rampo Panorama
Takato Yamamoto Poster Evil Spirit Metamorphosing and Proliferating SIGNED
Takato Yamamoto poster
Evil Spirit Metamorphosing and Proliferating

Click the images or titles above to order. All posters will arrive to EU location in mid-November.