Dark Fairy Tale Series

Now in stock, the full series of fairy tales for grown ups - "Dark Fairy Tale - Visual Book"! All five volumes and a collaboration between one illustrator and artist/story teller Noboru Moai. Each book is hand SIGNED inside the cover, 64 pages, 100% Japanese text, with 14 full color artworks in each volume.
In order of publication:

Kozue Kuroki One-Legged Clown SIGNED
Kozue Kuroki
"One-Legged Clown"
Tama Nighttime Dream Flight SIGNED
"Nighttime Dream Flight"
Tsubaki Torii Woman in the Blue Dress SIGNED
Tsubaki Torii
"Woman in the Blue Dress"
Makiko Sugawa Sweet Room SIGNED
Makiko Sugawa
"Sweet Room"
Yuko Fukase Soft Marble SIGNED
Yuko Fukase
"Soft Marble"

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